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Southwest Florida Strong

Disaster Leads to Determination | Resilience Will Drive Us To A Brighter Future

We're excited to announce our Southwest Florida Strong (SWFS) community stories page. Our aim is to highlight those people in Southwest Florida that have shown strength in the recovery efforts after hurricane Irma.

What Are You Doing To Help Make Southwest Florida Strong?!? 

What we are looking for:
  • Personal stories of resiliency
  • Notable actions in philanthropy (i.e. volunteering)
  • How "Florida Strong" someone has been while experiencing conflict
  • Notable acts of kindness
  • Any heroes that deserve recognition 
We want to make sure that these heroes have their voices heard and their stories told. Help us tell them by filling out the form below!

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* Do you have photos or videos? (A member of our editorial team will reach out to you after initial submission to discuss photos and videos.)