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Honoring Emotions

A 6-Week Health Empowerment Program to Nurture and Tend Our Mental Health through the ebbs and flows of life experience and emotion.

Are you ready to gain the skills and tools to support you in tending to your mental health for the long run? Join our 6-week program designed specifically for Emerging Adults, aged 18-23. Learn practical skills to increase emotional awareness, recalibrate your energies, and regulate your emotions. Each week explores a different aspect of emotional well-being, providing tools for stability, stronger relationships, and self-discovery. As life ebbs and flows, so do our inner tides of emotion. Together, we'll strengthen our capacity stand steady amidst the currents, learning to access and trust in our ever-present anchors. ‚ÄčIt's not about fixing or changing; it's about revealing, cultivating and tending to our inner worlds.

Date & Time

Weekly on Wednesday

Jan 25, 2024 through Feb 28, 2024

1:30PM - 3:00PM

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