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The Palate Restaurant & Bar

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From the day we are born, it’s your Palate that brings you the most exquisite sensory pleasures. At the Palate Restaurant & Bar you’ll find a vivacious gathering place in a rousing atmosphere designed to nurture a sense of community among lovers of extraordinary food, wine, fine spirits, and superb service…it is the art of savoring the finer things in life, and where people meet. What and how we eat and drink is intimately connected to a profound sense of place. We invite you to journey with us to imbibe, to pass time, savor our unique collection of culinary resources. We encourage you to expand your knowledge of the flavors you love by simply tasting. The bounty of the Palate is not just in our superlative kitchen, wine and spirits, but in the hospitality that is our ethos.

Food created by Chef Walter Thigpen working alongside owner, Sterling T. Rutherford.

Palate [pal-it] Noun The sense of taste: a dinner to delight the palate. Relish or enjoyment of taste and flavor: A great appreciation of the senses. Appreciation of taste and flavor: sophisticated and discriminating. Intellectual or aesthetic taste; mental appreciation.

Origin: 1350 – 1400; “Roof of the mouth,” from Old French “palat” and directly from the Latin “palatum: roof of the mouth,” perhaps of Etruscan origin (Klein).

Popularly considered the seat of taste, hence, transferred meaning, “sense of taste,” (late 14c), which also had roots in Latin. Related: Palatal, palatalize.