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World’s First Mental Fitness Club Set To Open in Coconut Point Mall in May

Apr 29, 2024 08:00AM ● By Francesca Block

A new concept in mental wellness is opening at Coconut Point Mall in Estero May 25 that founders say is the world’s first mental fitness club and wellness grab-n-go café.   

Grounding Spot is the name of the new entity, which is the creation of Frances Borshell who has spent years studying how to integrate mental wellness with other disciplines to create “the place to thrive,” which is the company slogan. According to the founder, relaxation, positive mindset, connection, and good nutrition are all part of good mental health.  

Frances Borshell has spent years studying how to integrate mental wellness with other disciplines. 

 “Whether it’s work-life stress, worry, anxiety, or depression, the majority of Americans suffer on a daily basis. Our vision is simple – mainstream mental wellness.  If you want to get in shape, you go to a gym.” said Borshell.  “Where do you go if you want to feel good mentally and strengthen your mental well-being on a daily basis?  Grounding Spot is the place. It’s your place to thrive.” 

To accomplish this goal, Grounding Spot is merging with Our Yoga Place, known for its hot yoga facility, at Coconut Point Mall.  Tom Palmer and Nancy Gerald, founders of Our Yoga Place, will continue as partners in the new venture now known as Grounding Spot Coconut Point. Terry Walker and Alonso Yabar are Grounding Spots partners as well.  

Borshell said the timing of Grounding Spot’s opening coincides with Mental Health Awareness Month, a national observance since 1949.   

What makes Grounding Spot unique is that it takes a preventative approach to mental health by offering the key components of maintaining a healthy mental state: connection, exercise, good nutrition, mindfulness, and self-care. Grounding Spot members can buy a monthly membership for unlimited access to certain services and discounts, including bio neurofeedback, IV Vitamin therapy, halotherapy, yoga, meditation, life coaching, mindset classes and more. These services cater to all age groups, with beginning level yoga and meditation classes and supportive therapies.   

“We are excited about expanding yoga into so much more for the mind and body with Grounding Spot. We offer a calm, soothing environment for people to enhance their mental wellness in the state-of-the-art facility equipped with the most advanced technology, yoga, meditation, and many other services to help strengthen mindset,” said Tom Palmer. 

Additional services offered at Grounding Spot include a salt cave to help expand breath, IV vitamin therapy with nutrients designed to boost mental wellness, float therapy for self-reflection, cold plunge tanks for endorphins, electromagnetic stimulation, and a superfood grab-n-go café featuring menu items that enhance well-being. 

Classes are offered both in person and online for all ages. Special promotional offers will be available during the grand opening.  Memberships will range from $30 per month to $245 per month for a full menu of online and in-person services. 

For more information about Grounding Spot, visit