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Support for Supporters

Oct 31, 2023 11:00AM ● By Daniela Jaeger

Make an investment of the heart in 2024

The last few months of the year seem to fly by, don’t they? Already the holidays are upon us and we are counting down the last days of 2023. Meanwhile, at TOTI Media, we have already been plunging ahead at full speed on our production schedule for 2024. In publishing, we are always working ahead, but we do like to pause and appreciate another productive year. This past year has been an incredible time of change, streamlining, and progress. I am truly blessed to have a great team to work with at TOTI, and the quality of our teamwork shows in the wonderful products we give you, our dear readers.

I especially appreciate the support we give each other—not just among our staff and contributors, but also between you and us. Supporting each other, especially during rough times, brings everyone closer together and creates a special vibe. Being needed fills us with a positive feeling and energy. And this goes beyond the workplace. If you are active in your com­munity and have found the right organization where you can volunteer and donate your time, you feel that same appreciation for giving and receiving support… and it does feel great, doesn’t it?

How about within our families, though? Are we giving enough support to those closest to us—our loved ones? I say this not as criticism but as encourage­ment, because as caregivers in the workplace and com­munity we must not overlook the need to invest the same levels of support in our circle of family and friends.

That becomes more dif­ficult when our children grow up and move away, or when jobs or retirement create miles between us. Sometimes, I wonder if we should go back to the days when three generations lived under one roof. That would keep families more intact, help us learn to get along better, and provide more opportunities to support one another.

When did you last spend time with each of your family mem­bers? My husband, Friedrich, and I did it this year, and it was amazing. We decided that prioritizing time and togetherness should not take a backseat to busyness or even distance. Sure, we had to drive several thousand miles through Europe to see everyone, but it was worth it to us. Any inconveniences were overshadowed by all the hugging, kissing, talking, laughing, eating, drinking, going for walks, and taking excursions together. Those memories warmed our hearts as we returned to the U.S. and gave us renewed energy to focus on supporting others in 2024. We call it an investment of the heart, and the heart is what keeps us all going.

Will you take the heart challenge? It would make a wonder­ful New Year’s resolution. Make it happen as soon as you can. I encourage you to get off that couch or office chair, lay out the calendar for 2024, and block out days that you would be able to travel; and then contact each special person to arrange a time for that visit to happen.

It is my deep hope that we can all be better sup­porters, offer more of ourselves to others, and live a life filled with service and sanctity, dedicated to the advancement of real human spirit. I want to thank every loyal reader and advertising partner for supporting TOTI Media in 2023. Also, thank you to our local busi­nesses, leaders, organizations, and community members for making Southwest Florida the best place to live and work.

Here is wishing you all a blessed holiday season and a healthy and successful start of the New Year. One day at a time… we can all make a difference.


Daniela J. Jaeger

Group Publisher, TOTI Media