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Fishing for Pets: An Aquarium Makes a Great Addition to Your Home

Mar 22, 2022 11:16AM ● By ANN MARIE O’PHELAN

Unlike most pets, fish don’t take a lot of effort, and like your typical dog or cat, they can bring pleasure to any home. Yes, you need to keep an eye on them, feed them, and clean their tank, but they are quiet, don’t need much attention, don’t have odors, and are relatively affordable.   

“They are also very calming to watch and can help to create a relaxing environment in the home,” adds Keith Dalton, pet health process lead at PetSmart. Another selling point for keeping fish as pets is their variety—from a simple betta fish in a bowl to a full-on colorful aquarium. PetSmart offers about 100 different species of fish, including community fish, semi-aggressive fish, South and Central American cichlids, African cichlids, koi, fancy goldfish, and more.  

PetSmart’s in-house experts can help fish lovers choose the right fish, aquariums—including the most technologically advanced models on the market—food, and accessories such as coral, gravel, and plants. Plus, PetSmart provides free water testing to help with water chemistry and troubleshooting. 


Ann Marie O’Phelan is a Southwest Florida resident and a regular contributor to TOTI Media. 



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