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Embarking on a Health-Care Journey: Destination Health Paves the Way to Wellness

Jul 14, 2021 04:09PM ● By LIZA FERNANDEZ

Millennium Physician Group has introduced a new-patient outreach program called Destination Health, which focuses on wellness and prevention and is meant to guide new patients on their health-care journeys.  

Helping physicians connect better with patients, Destination Health is designed to streamline and simplify processes, so patients actually get to spend more time with their primary-care provider. According to Millennium CEO Kevin Kearns, “Our goal is to make it as seamless as possible for patients to join Millennium by reaching out to them before their first appointment with information on our preventive programs and comprehensive services.”  

Like any other important trip, the Destination Health journey begins with a passport. The program’s Preventive Passport is a simple one-page personal checklist to staying healthy year round. It includes important preventive measures for patients to discuss and schedule with their primary-care providers. These include annual wellness visits, cholesterol and diabetes screenings, and even depression and tobacco screenings. 

Patient Norma Fernandez says Destination Health helps keep her on track with her health care. “The passport is a great reminder,” she says. “It’s easy to follow and keep up with what I’m supposed to be scheduling and talking to my doctor about.” 

When in-person visits aren’t convenient or may not be safe for higher-risk patients, Millennium’s telehealth service, MPG Connect, allows patients to be seen by their provider through their computer, smartphone or tablet.  

A full complement of services, including walk-in and imaging centers, as well as home care and labs, means Millennium can provide a level of coordination that allows the care team to offer patients the right care at the right time and in the right setting.  

A patient’s health depends on his or her relationship with the provider, and during a time when many say technology is depersonalizing healthcare, Destination Health actually uses innovation to help patients get more face-to-face time with the physician.  

“We are always looking for ways to connect with new and existing patients,” explains Kearns. “We think Destination Health is the perfect metaphor for the patient journey!” 


Liza Fernandez is the host of the weekly Destination Health report on the local NBC2 television station and a frequent contributor from the Millennium Physician Group.