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Telehealth Service

Fort Myers-based Millennium Physician Group introduced its telehealth service MPG Connect to its 450,000 Florida patients. What’s exceptional about Millennium’s Telehealth Service is it connects Millennium’s patients with their physicians, which is a departure from telehealth services that use third-party physicians who don’t know the patients nor have their medical records on hand.

“Our technology not only connects patients who should or want to stay home with the doctors who know them best but also allows our doctors to practice medicine while observing quarantining and social distancing recommendations,” says Marketing and Communication Director Liza Fernandez.   

Since launching the service two weeks ago, Millennium is conducting 1,000 virtual visits a day across the state using its proprietary platform—one that it owns and built from the cloud down, right here in Southwest Florida. “This is one of the many innovations we’d already been working on and just pushed to the forefront once it became imperative healthcare providers come up with solutions to manage the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Millennium Chief Innovation Officer Jeffrey Nelson.

“But what’s most important,” says Millennium Chief Medical Officer Alejandro Perez-Trepichio is, “telehealth is the tool that allows us to strengthen the patient-doctor relationship during this understandably concerning time for patients while preserving our patients’ continuity of care. It is this connection that is crucial in keeping patients healthy and getting them engaged in their own healthcare.” Millennium’s Telehealth Service is available to patients who aren’t feeling well, are quarantining or self-isolating, and to patients who are well, in need of well-visits or follow-ups.

Interested patients should contact their doctor’s office to request a telehealth visit, which is available on their computer, smartphone or tablet. Those interested in establishing with a Millennium physician can call (844) CALL-MPG.