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Cape Coral Band Releases Second Album

Aug 07, 2018 09:26PM ● By Kevin

Cape Coral's Xid and the 25's second album, "Counting Days," was released in July 2018. Photo courtesy of Xid and the 25 on Facebook.

Cape Coral's arts scene just received its newest masterpiece: "Counting Days" - the latest album from local band Xid and the 25. The alternative electronic pop/rock "group" started making the airwaves one year ago, releasing its first album, "21 Apologies."

In total, the two albums combine for 21 tracks, and each is for sale for $9.99 streaming/for download on Google Play, iTunes, and Spotify. Xid and the 25 also released the music video for the second track of its new album, "Don't Say a Word," on July 19 (below).

Xid and the 25, according to the band's website, is the result of "lead man" Xid's desire to create something new, different, and experimental. The reason for "lead man" and "group" being in quotations is because the act is actually a one-man show that creates the appearance that it is a multi-member band. The man behind the operation is Dixon Morrow, also known as Xid.

"After finding the right combination of Classic and Modern Synths and drum machines, they began working on the music while still working in several other projects and bands," the website says. "After putting together a few tracks Xid and the 25 began performing the new music live. The response from the live shows was so positive and generated enough of a buzz to encourage Xid and the 25 to release the debut album, '21 Apologies.'" 

For more information, visit the band's website or Facebook page.