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Key West Express Team Members Offer Travel Tips

Feb 06, 2018 12:49PM ● By Kevin
Key West Express staffer Roberta Stephenson and her husband of 39 years retired to Fort Myers Beach four years ago. After a year of retirement, Stephenson said she got tired of reading books, sitting at the pool and going to lunch and the movies with friends.

So, she combined a love for Key West and travel with her need to occupy some free time, and luckily the stars aligned. Stephenson was named Key West Express' new reservationist soon after.

"We have always been boaters and love being on the water however, we sold our boat when we moved to Florida," she said. "When we get an inkling for a boat ride we simply jump on the Key West Express. A fun, relaxing trip that provides the best sunset views. Love It!"

Through her years traveling to Key West, even as a vacationer before retirement, Stephenson and her husband have picked up a keen expertise on travel.

According to Linda Miller, the General Manager of Key West Express, "Roberta is an enthusiastic, conscientious member of our team that embraces all that she does with a smile and positive attitude. When not providing guest services, Roberta is out about town networking within the community. Roberta and her husband count their blessings that they relocated to the Fort Myers Beach area where they keep themselves engaged in exploring all there is to see and do within the area."

Miller shares these four tips for traveling in Southwest Florida:

  1. Wear appropriate shoes and remember it is generally 10 degrees cooler on the water that it is on land. A light jacket or sweater is advisable.
  2. Bring sunglasses and sunscreen. Even when it is overcast, the reflection of the sun can cause sunburn and blur your vision.
  3. Although we sell a variety of items to amuse you, bring a book, electronic game or favorite companion for yourself or your children.
  4. An umbrella stroller is great as it folds compactly while aboard and at the ready when children get tired after a day of fun on Island.
Key West is considered America's Caribbean Paradise. One of Key West Express' mottos is "where getting there is half the fun!" The service provides a sleek, clean, modern, air-conditioned high-speed ferry, featuring sundecks, snack bar, cocktails and big-screen televisions. The ride takes a few hours. Stephenson believes it's worth the scenic tour.

"It remains an idyllic tropical paradise that for centuries has attracted writers, artists, musicians, explorers and dreamers with its crystal blue waters, balmy weather, superb cuisine and water activities," she explains, while also defending against the misconception that the waters are a rough ride. "Travel is directly influenced by the weather of any given day.  More often than not passengers can expect a smooth, comfortable, enjoyable travel experience."

The Fort Myers Beach-based business is open 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., daily, and can be reached by calling 239-463-5733, online at, or on Facebook.
"Key West is a pedestrian Island, be casual and comfortable," Stephenson said. "It is laden with history and attractions that are easy to discover but, if you look a bit deeper you’ll find even more adventurous and fascinating 'off-the-beaten-path' spots you won’t want to miss."