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Fort Myers' Newest Sports Complex Debuts With Beach Volleyball Tournament

Aug 21, 2017 12:58PM ● By Kevin

Midtown Beach Sports Complex on Grand Opening Day. Photo by Eloise Pennington.

Midtown Beach Sports
Complex on Grand Opening
Day. Photo by
Eloise Pennington.
A grand opening celebration for the city of Fort Myers' new Midtown Beach Sports Complex was held on Saturday, July 22. Attendees used the new beach volleyball courts in a co-ed tournament, while also enjoying food trucks and prize giveaways. The complex is comprised of a 15,000-square-foot facility, which sits at 2277 Grand Ave. in Midtown Fort Myers, next to the Fort Myers Skatium. The complex has been open since June.

The facilities' three beach volleyball courts were built on 1,200 tons of premium sand, which was donated to the city by Stewart Materials. The total cost of the complex was $20,000, as reported by Wink News.

There will be league play at the new complex, where residents can enjoy healthy competition. Additionally, Midtown Beach will eventually host other activities, such as beach soccer, yoga and fitness boot camps. The expectation for these additional activities is a September launch, with a beach soccer tournament ending the month. In October, residents can expect beach tennis leagues to begin to open up. The city will also look to open up a Movies in the Park series for the fall and winter.

"The Beach Sports Complex has breathed new life into an old facility," said city public relations coordinator Kirsten O'Donnell. "On league nights, we’re seeing as many as 100 players and spectators at the complex. Just by adding this one facility, the city has been able to double the number of teams in our beach volleyball leagues."

Midtown Beach Sports Complex on Grand Opening Day. Photo by Eloise Pennington.
According to a press release by the city, "the EVP Beach Volleyball Tour has already hosted junior tournaments at the facility. EVP plans to teach junior and adult clinics in the fall and a winter series pro event at the complex."

The city’s strategic plan envisions the city as a family friendly community with plenty of opportunities for recreation and leisure activities. Providing nice parks, and affordable, accessible recreation is a big part of it, according to O'Donnell.

For more information, and to watch beach volleyball in action at the park, see the below Vimeo video by the city of Fort Myers.

Midtown Beach Sports Complex Aug. 2017

Midtown Beach Sports Complex Aug 2017 from Fort Myers on Vimeo.