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Moving Identities

Commencing The Sarasota Ballet’s 2018 Winter Season is Program 4, Moving Identities. The program features Paul Taylor’s Airs, a beautiful and flowing piece, choreographed to the baroque music of G. F. Handel. While more classical than many of Taylor’s baroque works, its weight and fluidity as well as its shifting and spiraling patterns highlight Taylor’s passion and genius in Modern Dance. The second ballet of Program 4 is the revival of Resident Choreographer Ricardo Graziano’s Valsinhas, first performed as part of the 2013 production of Theatre of Dreams, and performed with on stage live music. The ballet is an exciting and unusual example of Graziano’s young choreographic voice and is performed with a gender split cast, encouraging audiences to attend multiple performances so as to appreciate either the all male or all female cast. Closing Moving Identities is the return of Robert North’s Troy Game, performed this season for the first time in Sarasota with both an all male and all female casts. Jennifer Dunning of The New York Times wrote that “beneath its goofy exterior Troy Game is an innovative blend of acting and movement that looks like the purest of pure dance pieces.” Originally created for just a male cast, over the past few years North has decided to adapt the ballet so as to allow both split gender casts to perform the work. “Watching different casts perform the same ballet is always a wonderful aspect of dance, as it allows the audience to see and appreciate the nuances each individual dancer brings to the role,” explains Iain Webb, Director of The Sarasota Ballet. “The compliment of both Ricardo’s and Robert’s gender divided ballets in one evening adds a dramatic and unusual element to this, and it will encourage audiences to return in the same weekend to see these ballets and witness how the different casts affect both the emotion and choreography of each work.”

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Weekly on Sunday, Monday, Friday, and Saturday

Jan 26, 2018 through Jan 29, 2018


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