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Discoveries in Nature

Why are alligators credited with saving the Everglades? How do deer communicate? What determines the sex of hatchling sea turtles? Do natural fires destroy our south Florida forests or help them grow? Nature photographer and wildlife biologist Larry Richardson has been involved in dozens of research projects and spent most of his life exploring the fascinations and facets of our environment. Lend your ears and eyes to his beautiful collection of photographs as he illuminates many of the wonders of the natural world. Hear answers to questions you never knew you needed; information that verifies the beauty and intricacy of nature. Presenter: Larry Richardson Pricing: $250 Annual membership $125 Seasonal membership $25 Pay Per Program

Date & Time

October 10, 2017

1:00PM - 2:30PM

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(239) 598-6143

$250 annual; $125 seasonal; $25 pay per program

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