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July Book Club: E-Squared

Join us for some tea and friendly conversation as we make our way through this fun book by participating in fun experiments! **Please contact us by 5pm on Wednesday, June 14th so that we can place an order for the books ($11).** Don’t face reality. Create reality! E-Squared could best be described as a lab manual with simple experiments to prove once and for all that reality is malleable, that consciousness trumps matter, and that you shape your life with your mind. Rather than take it on faith, you are invited to conduct nine 48-hour experiments to prove there really is a positive, loving, totally hip force in the universe. Yes, you read that right. It says prove. The experiments, each of which can be conducted with absolutely no money and very little time expenditure, demonstrate that spiritual principles are as dependable as gravity, as consistent as Newton’s laws of motion. This donation-based gathering will benefit the Literacy Counsel Gulf Coast. Throughout the summer we will be selecting one book per month. Please feel free to submit any book suggestions you may have.

Date & Time

July 12, 2017

1:00PM - 2:00PM