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Old 41 Restaurant

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My waitress was harsh and got defensive when my order was incorrect, she became loud with me and drew attention to our table over toast. She was condescending and spoke loudly as if we were children. As an introverted person my party was embarrassed and I was out of sorts...ruined my experience and I made her take the food back. I unfortunately dropped a couple of curse words to the owner when I went to pay for the food that we didn't eat. He was emotionally ill equipped to deal with an angry customer, ranting on about evil people like me and something about Donald Trump (??). At first he asked me to leave and I thought he said it was on him. But when I went to walk out, he threatened to call the cops (??). So I gave him my card and he ran it, threw it back on the counter, continuing to rant about evil people like me (spent my entire adult life in education giving impoverished youth a fighting chance kind of evil I suppose). I was a butthead and eventually went back and apologized for my uncivil approach to having my morning ruined. The coffee was good, the one egg that I ate was perfect, but in the end I dropped $30 on mostly uneaten food, and had to deal with a ranting owner, who doesn't have the emotional maturity to deal with an angry customer (who admittedly was having a hard time with emotional maturity in the face of being treated unprofessionally in a place I chose to spend a morning with my mother). Mom lives right up the street. This restaurant is one we (friends and extended family) have patronized many many times without incident. It is our local breakfast nook, so to speak, a local place to take out of town guests. Despite this, and despite fully accepting my role in setting the owner off, I cannot go back there. If you don't have the social skills to cope with and deescalate angry, disappointed, or embarrassed customers with grace, then you are doomed to fail in a service oriented business. Terrible, terrible morning...lost time, lost money, lost joy.

Submitted on June 24, 2017